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  1. Fener says:

    All part of the Venezuela promoted happy soilsciam to cover up their failures. You should walk along the popular markets in Managua or the waiting line at hospitals, consulates to see why Nicaragua is considered next to Haiti the poorest Country in America.Lesson to be drawn here is why the Ortegas are trying to promote such lies, usually it’s because the opposite is true.As to the economy: study the numbers to realize that is spite of better international prices the actual volumes have decreased. Wait for int’l prices to fall as they will to see the real thing.No person in his right mind (knowing the true Nica reality) and with honest money created thru hard work would be stupid enough to re invest in Nicaragua. Only flight by night operators and un aware tourists would invest here, happened before. Just like with Vesco a few years back, they are still trying to collect their monies

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